Top tips for maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen


Whether you’re a fantastic cook and use your kitchen regularly to whip up delicious home-cooked meals or prefer to go the microwavable route, it is extremely important to keep this area of your home clean and hygienic.

Food preparation, cooking and food storage should be done in a clean space to ensure that your family’s overall health is not put at risk. Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy will help to keep out any pests that may be attracted to food sources, will eliminate the risks of food poisoning and can help to increase the overall lifespan of your counter tops and appliances that may be damaged due to sticky food residue.

To easily maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen on a day to day basis, simply take advantage of these great tips.

Kitchen Cleaning Products

To maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen, you will need to have the proper cleaning product essentials on hand at all times.

Your cleaning products can easily be stored under your kitchen sink or in a cabinet for convenient access when needed. Some products that you may want to have available include pre-soaked anti-bacterial cloths and anti-bacterial sprays that are safe for use within the kitchen.

Those with granite counter tops may opt for a granite cleaner and those with stainless steel appliances may benefit from stainless steel wipes. Each type of cleaner is aimed towards a different area of your kitchen to give you the best results possible. However, you do not have to use fancy detergents in order to keep your kitchen clean and sanitary. Instead, hot and soapy water can get the job done just as well. Be sure to clean your counters, appliances and any spills regularly to keep your kitchen clean.

Another important thing to do is to have your tiles and grout cleaned by a professional once a month. A specialist will be able to use advanced methods and state of the art cleaning products to ensure every aspect of your flooring is properly cleaned. A2Z Cleaning in Melbourne offers this service which is highly required if wanting to keep your kitchen hygienic.

Kitchen Organisation

To keep your kitchen completely clean and hygienic, you will need to do more than simply scrubbing down the visible areas. Proper organisation can play a huge part in the overall cleanliness of your space. See the best cleaning products.

Use your cabinets wisely to organise pots, pans, dishes, silverware and more. You may also want to have a certain area of the kitchen dedicated as a pantry space where you can keep all of your non-perishables out of sight. For the best organisation possible, be sure to clean out your cabinets and refrigerator regularly to eliminate stale foods and to make space for other items.

Washing Your Cleaning Cloths

Cloths that you use within your kitchen can harbour a great deal of germs. From towels that you use to dry your dishes to sponges for washing what’s in the sink, you will want to be sure to clean these cloths or replace them regularly.

If these cloths are not cleaned, you may actually be spreading germs around while you think that you are cleaning. If washing your cloths regularly is not an option, you may choose to clean up spills and dry dishes with paper towels that can simply be thrown away after use, eliminating the risk of spreading germs around without even knowing it.

By taking advantage of these tips, you will be keeping your kitchen hygienically safe for anyone in your family to use. Say goodbye to germs and hello to a clean, sparkling kitchen where you can store and prepare food without constant worry of spreading germs.

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